Delhi High Court Issues Injunction Order For Using The Brand Name “MANNAT”- A Complete Look At The Events


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Delhi High Court has barred multiple restaurants and eateries from using the name of Mannat Dhaba to operate their own enterprises. The famous Dhaba is located at Murthal on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway.

The "MANNAT "Case Details

It was observed that use of the disputed brand name by other businesses in an identical or deceptively similar manner violates plaintiff’s exclusive rights to the trademark.

It was informed to the court by the plaintiff that trademarks, along with the logo, have been registered under the applicable statute and have been in use since 2008 for their dhabas and eateries at Murthal.

The plaintiff further submitted that the brand names have attained a reputation and such reputation is associated with them.

The Injunction Order For Using Brand Name "MANNAT"

The defendants were running their eateries under the name Mannat Dhaba, Shri Mannat Dhaba and Apna Mannat Dhaba respectively. Justice Anish Dayal passed an ex-parte ad interim injunction order on January 4th, 2024 against the above-mentioned defendants.

The court emphasized that if the defendants desire to rebrand their businesses, they can work with the plaintiff’s counsel to reach an amicable resolution.

This case shows that trademark registration in India is a vital step in securing a brand’s identity and fostering a trustworthy business image. By understanding the process and following best practices, one can navigate the complexities of trademark registration successfully. Hence, it is important to invest in protecting your brand, and enjoy the exclusive rights and recognition that come with a registered trademark.

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